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Black Wattle Woodshop

Spoon Blanks

Spoon Blanks

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Carve a spoon at home using one of our spoon blanks.

Made with seasoned, sustainably sourced timbers, they are finished and ready to carve. Each spoon is individually made, by hand, so they vary slightly in shape and are unique.

Choose the style of spoon and the timber. Timber choice depend on available timber at the time.


Cooking Spoon - 25 cm long

Coffee Scoop - 15 cm long

Tea Spoon - 15 cm long

Sizes are approximate as each blank is cut by hand and takes grain features into consideration.

Note: Tea spoon is not a measuring spoon, but is great for a sprinkle of sugar in your tea of coffee.

Free delivery or pick up from Redcliffe Peninsula area.

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